"Mr. Know-It-All" is out now!!!

Jonezy is a veteran, St. Louis rapper and hip hop artist, originally from Granite City, Illinois.  He sharpened his skills early on free-styling, and gaining attention from his classmates.  In 2009, Jonezy released his first project, entitled "Mr. (FillintheBlank)" and has since released 5 more projects.  His most recent solo effort "Social Nomad" is available for free download at www.jonezy.bandcamp.com.  Jonezy continues to work with long time producers/collaborators while also branching out and working with young talent around the St. Louis area.  Just recently Jonezy released a project with his new group, Broke Poets.  The project is self-titled, and available for free download at brokepoets.bandcamp.com, and it is also featured on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major streaming services.  Jonezy prides himself on his live performances and brings a unique intensity to his shows.  This lyricist is always changing is flows and cadences, often using intricate, compound rhyme schemes.  Jonezy's music is about his everyday life, and many have praised him for how widely relatable his music is.